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Azilal Rug White with Pink and Yellow


Azilal rug, handknotted, 100% Sheep wool.
Tribal carpet from High Atlas Morocco – Thick pile.
Dimensions :
  • Length   2.65 cm. (or 1.043 In.)
  • Width    1.70 cm. (or 0.669 In.)

Fringed finish, on ONE end of the carpet.

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This white Azilal rug with pink and yellow, is wooley and made from 100% sheep wool from the High Atlas Mountains.

The washing, carding and separating of the wool is done by hand. 

During cold winternights woman make these rugs in theire spare time.

Usually the size of the room of the weaver, decides the size of the loom. That’s why you never see the same size, and they have odd dimensions like this Azilal Rug White. There are thousands of knotts in the carpet. 

The work can take up to a year or more, depending on it’s size. Trough this time, the stories told in the rug will change. Depending on what the weaver goes through in her personal life. The Berber symbols depicted in Azilal rugs are about fertility, the shape of a womans body, pregnancy etc. This specific rug has symbols to ward off evil spirit. But also specific female symbols.

Each rug is a personal expression and therefore an unique piece of abstract and Tribal art.

Additional information

Weight 8000 g
Dimensions 2.65 × 1.70 cm

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