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Blue paisleys stuffed Quilt


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Queen size bedding in 100% soft cotton and with a 100% handfilled and handstitched 100% cotton filling. This is what our quilts distinquishes from the digital prints and mixed textilles of others.

Sleeping under bedding such an exquisite quality is a delight.

Block Print or Woodblock printing is a technique of printing on textiles. For colour printing, multiple blocks are used, each for one colour, or overprinting two colours produces further colours on the print. Each step is done by hand. The making of the wooden stamp, the stenciling on the textile.

Sozan Interior and Gifts, holds a deep respect for the makers and it’s artisanal work.

WASH CARE: Dry clean only without the use of a bleaching agent. Our advise is to clean it as less as possible and to put a sheet under the quilt while sleeping.

Additional information

Weight 3000 g
Dimensions 260 × 2.10 cm
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